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Image by Paweł Czerwiński

I have always had dreams of having a home birth, and finally, my husband and I were expecting our first child! My stomach literally did flips as I searched the Pagosa Springs area for a midwife who would deliver our baby at home.

Thankfully, we had friends who knew of Mountain Roots Midwifery and recommended Kalie to us... and truly, Kalie was just as lovely as our friends had told us that she was. If you know her, you know that she makes the perfect midwife... she has a heart of gold, and always takes her time with you, to make sure you feel comfortable and have everything you need... she is nurturing, kind, gentle, encouraging, supportive, and knowledgeable... all the good stuff, wrapped up into one human. My husband and I were absolutely overjoyed when we met Kalie! She was exactly who I needed by my side, to see me through my first pregnancy and beyond.


When the time came for labor and delivery, Kalie came with confidence and grace, and an incredibly calm and peaceful presence! She believed in me even when I did not believe in myself. My husband and I are so grateful for Mountain Roots Midwifery and for the home birth experience that Kalie gave us! What an amazing thing it is, to give birth naturally, in the comfort of your own home, with the best midwife by your side! 10/10 would do it again!  

— Rebecka

Kalie believes every woman has and should have the right to natural childbirth. Each mother should have the ability to say what does and does not happen to their own body as well as their babies. 

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